about loguini

Logan Kulbersh is the name, turning in assignments at the last possible second is my game!

Left to right: Evan Shacklette, Logan Kulbersh, Cecelia Sanchez

Growing Up & Music

I grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, specifically Des Plaines.

If I have to describe myself, you’ll probably get the most self-deprecating 400 word post. But other people describe me as clumsy, confident; a jester! My dad’s a drummer, so most of my formative years were underscored to the sound of him practicing in the basement- needless to say I fell in love with music at a young age and it became my passion.

During my time participating with the Illinois High School Music Educators Association District 7 choir

I play a couple instruments poorly, just for myself, to let myself love music the way I want to. I’m self-taught guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, and I’m classically trained in voice and viola. During early quarantine, I would try to learn trumpet. Music has always been a constant for me, from day one, to today (day 7,613!), and hopefully ‘till the last. Here’s a link to my most recent performance with my voice studio, right here at Drake University! Here you’ll find my post about me and my relationship to music.


When I was 6, I did my first theater production. I was an ensemble member in a children’s production of Scrooge the musical. I’m not sure what spirit possessed me then, but almost 15 years later I’m still working at it. Most of the “big roles” I had during high school, and I’d love to tell you all about them, but simply so much of that time is just repressed memories and stage lights blinding me- maybe another time. Here’s an OLD, OLD, video of me performing on stage in high school.

Performing as Wednesday in The Addams Family

Film and TV

In the future, I hope to work in film! I’ve always had a knack for video editing as a practice. I spent too many hours locked in my high school’s editing lab after hours editing projects for class, for friends and family, and for my own personal projects. It was never a chore for me; I loved imagining a story, the vision I have for it, and directing it to make it happen. Here’s an OLD, OLD, OLD video I wrote, directed, produced, did all the foley for, and edited all within a week.

The Future

Do I see myself working for a major production company? I allow myself to dream, but I’m not sure I should allow myself to aim that high. 

At least not yet. 

For now, I’m working hard to hone my Digital Media skills, I’m working hard with my voice professor to learn to love my voice again, and I’m working with myself to maintain my mental health and be an advocate for others.