Author: Logan Kulbersh

  • Favorite Films 1

    I’m not going to front and tell you I have the best taste in films known to man. In fact, my opinion does not matter on the topic because that’s all it is; an opinion. But they’re my favorite movies for a reason. Whether they remind me of my childhood, sent me spiraling into a […]

  • Learning to Love Music Again: The First Step

    In a single year as a music education major, I would go as far to say I lost 80% of my passion and love for music. That sounds dramatic I know, how can a music major be that hard? This is my schedule of classes from my first semester of college, excluding my non-scheduled classes […]

  • Coming out

    Hi. I’m Logan. I use she/they pronouns. I’m a lesbian. As if anyone had any doubts. This was what my Instagram bio linked to throughout middle school My Identity I don’t tell everyone, normally it’s just an assumption people make based on the way I generally carry myself. The way I love is important to […]

  • Changing My Major

    For as long as I can remember, music is and always will be my passion. It’s my first love, and it gets me through some of the toughest times in my young life. I come into Drake my freshman year as a vocal music education and I’m ready to make teaching music my career. The […]