Coming out


I’m Logan.

I use she/they pronouns.

I’m a lesbian.

Left to right: Angela Foy, Rose Kurutz, Logan Kulbersh at the 2022 Chicago Pride Festival

As if anyone had any doubts.

This was what my Instagram bio linked to throughout middle school

My Identity

I don’t tell everyone, normally it’s just an assumption people make based on the way I generally carry myself. The way I love is important to me, and I am unapologetic about it.

But it doesn’t define me holistically as a person.

My gaze always falls to the “uphill battle,” pining for people I have 0 chance with. But what is the lesbian experience without a little bit of unrequited love

I see Star Wars: Return of the Jedi for the first time.


Yeah, that makes sense.


Now, there is no strict timeline on coming out. Nobody can tell you when the right time to come out is. Unfortunately though, that wasn’t the case for me.

I’m forced out of the closet on 2 occasions:

  • My first partner pressures me to come out a few weeks into our relationship when we are hardly 12.
    • I come out as pansexual with a note on the family fridge because I can’t say it out loud yet.
    • We’re twelve, we don’t know any better
  • I am outed to my extended family by my freshman year homecoming date via a Facebook post.
    • They go to everyone in the cast of our fall play (except for me) asking if going to homecoming together mean’s we’re dating.
    • They tell them to ask me
    • They instead change their relationship status on Facebook and tag me.

And you know, on the up side, it could have been worse. Albeit, I lost the opportunity to use my voice to come out for myself.

As a result of this, I accept I have been thrown into the deep end and live as an out, queer person.

I don’t think I ever officially come out as a lesbian to my family, I think they just began assuming at some point.

And then I go to homecoming with a boy and everyone’s confused?? I promise it’s just as friends but he definitely has feelings for me.

Everyone already knows I like girls at this point. This is my most played Spotify playlist


While I would love to live in a world where I can love who I love without fear of dirty looks, nasty words, physical altercation or danger, that right now is a far distant dream I fear we will not see.

But I don’t let that drag me down. I am me and that’s okay :^)

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